RCC shines spotlight on lawmakers with successful Legislative Appreciation Reception

从左至右为众议员. 尼尔·杰克逊,参议员. 众议员艾米·加利(Amy Galey. 众议员布莱恩·比格斯. Robert Reives II, 十大电子平台正规 Board Chair Reynolds Lisk, Sen. 小戴夫·克雷文., RCC主席. 沙球赛, RCC Board Vice Chair James Gouty, and RCC Board member F. Mac谢里尔. The legislators presented the College with a check during a Legislators Appreciation Reception on Friday, 10月. 6, in the Allied Health Center on RCC’s Asheboro Campus. The check represents the allocation of $3 million to RCC for improvements and equipment, 国家预算中包含了哪些. (图片来源:Eric Abernethy)

十大电子平台正规 welcomed several esteemed state legislators to its Asheboro Campus on Friday, 10月. 6、议员答谢招待会.

“I want to express our sincere gratitude for your unwavering support and commitment to higher education in our state,RCC总裁Dr. 沙阿·阿达兰说. “Your dedication to improving the lives of our citizens through education is truly commendable, and we are incredibly thankful for your continued partnership. Your support has played a pivotal role in enabling us to provide quality education and training to countless students in our community. 它使十大电子游戏正规平台能够扩展十大电子游戏正规平台的项目, 投资尖端技术, and ensure that our 教师 和工作人员 have the resources they need to excel in their roles.”

出席会议的著名人士包括参议员. 小戴夫·克雷文. 艾米·加利和众议员们. 布莱恩·比格斯,尼尔·杰克逊和罗伯特·里夫斯二世. 另外, 斯蒂芬妮·布莱尔, 参议员汤姆·提利斯的地区代表, 和卡姆·米尔斯, District Field Director for Representative Richard Hudson, were on hand along with noteworthy figures from the local government including Darrell Frye, 伦道夫县委员会主席, 和几个伦道夫县的专员.

The event commenced with a tour of several of RCC's state-of-the-art facilities, providing the guests with an immersive look into the College’s dedication to providing students with top-notch resources and learning environments.

"I want to express our sincere gratitude for your unwavering support and commitment to higher education in our state."


Dr. 沙球赛

RCC then hosted the reception in the Allied Health Center, 召集地方民选官员, and community representatives including K-12 superintendents, 阿什伯勒/伦道夫商会, 伦道夫健康领袖, 当地执法部门, 和行业合作伙伴以及RCC董事会成员, RCC基金会董事, 教师, 和工作人员. RCC Board Chair Reynolds Lisk and Frye addressed the audience.

“Randolph County is an exciting place to be right now, and so is RCC,” Lisk said. “When we began our search process for a new president, 社区领袖, including our county commissioners conveyed the importance of finding someone who can take our community college to the next level. 十大电子游戏正规平台十大电子游戏正规平台找到了那个人. Dr. 沙阿就任总统已近90天. He has been incredibly busy getting to know people all around our county and for them to get to know him. He does this because he cares about the community college, 学生, 它的使命, 十大电子游戏正规平台不能单独行动.”

“Relationships have never been more important than they are today,弗莱补充道, 注意到学校董事会成员, 学校校长, 执法, 消防及紧急医疗服务, and citizens from all parts of the county were at the event. “We’re here this morning because we care about this process, 十大电子游戏正规平台关心这所学校, and we care about what its importance is to Randolph County.”

The attending legislators also addressed the audience before presenting a symbolic check representing a generous allocation of $3 million for improvements and equipment at RCC, 国家预算中包含了哪些.

“我和奥巴马医生谈过. Shah earlier, it’s around 90 percent of graduates here stay in Randolph County,” Craven said. “That is an incredible economic impact on our region. RCC准备十大电子游戏正规平台的人在生活的下一步. 这让他们为事业做好了准备, which is something we all need to make sure we’re doing for every facet of this community to continue growing.”

Reives then spoke about growing up in a rural area in Lee County, 像伦道夫, and about his father trying to figure out his next step once he was discharged from the army.

“He’ll be the first to tell you that community college saved him,他说. “You don’t know what it means to people to have this in your community. 对于在这里工作的人, you’re setting an example and giving an opportunity that a lot of kids won’t have.”

Biggs said he thought of the reception as a big family gathering.

“A lot of groups do not get together and do not have the family atmosphere that we have here today,比格斯说。, 你的两个孩子都在这所大学就读. “我女儿在纽约大学比我高一年级.C. 她省了很多钱和时间, and my son graduated in three years from Catawba because he was dual-enrolled here at RCC. 我知道今天在这里合作的好处. 这很特别.”

Galey, who is Chair of the Education/Higher Education and Appropriations on Education/Higher Education committees, 对RCC印象深刻吗.

“I’m blown away by this building and this campus,” she said. “作为一名前县长, I know that a building like this would not happen without tremendous community support. 这栋楼是用来谋生的, standing testament to what I have seen reflected in the community spirit here. 每个人都同意教育的重要性.”

Jackson’s parents both graduated from RCC and whose youngest daughter is a current student.

“今天穿过这些建筑, that’s what RCC is about — generations coming through here that are going to impact the world,他说. “RCC is on the cutting edge, and they’re changing this community for the better.”

十大电子平台正规, 在阿达兰总统的领导下, is committed to providing relevant career training and educational opportunities. Affordable degrees and short-term certificate programs start throughout the year, 无论是当面还是在网上. For more information, call 336-633-0200 or visit www.伦道夫.edu and expect to engage with the most competent and compassionate team of 教师 和工作人员.